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Nutridiction: Embracing the Power of Balanced Eating

Welcome to Nutridiction an award-winning Diet Consultation Firm, a collaboration between two passionate dietitians Prerana and Sonal who are dedicated to helping people live healthier, happier lives. With two branches, one in Kolkata and one in Bangalore, we have helped thousands of people reach their health and wellness goals, and we are leaving a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

Our journey started with a shared vision - to create a company that uses evidence-based nutrition to support individuals in achieving their health goals. Together, Prerana and Sonal have over 8+ years of experience in the field of dietetics, and we have combined our expertise to deliver results that are rooted in science and tailored to our client’s needs.

At Nutridiction, we believe that a healthy body starts with a healthy diet, and our goal is to help our clients achieve optimal wellness through personalized nutrition plans. We take a comprehensive approach to healthcare, treating the whole person rather than just a set of symptoms.

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Super Nutrition with Nutridiction
  • Personal dedicated dietitian
  • 1 personalised indian diet plan
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Unique health assessment
  • 4 weeks


    Super Nutrition with Nutridiction
  • Unique health assessment
  • Personal dedicated dietitian
  • 4 easy personalised indian diet plans for 4 weeks
  • Weekly follow up from counsellor
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Free maintenance plan after completion of program
  • 8 weeks


    Super Nutrition with Nutridiction
  • Unique health assessment
  • Personal dedicated dietitian
  • 8 easy personalised indian diet plans for 8 weeks
  • Weekly follow up from counsellor
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Free maintenance plan after completion of program
  • 12 weeks


    Super Nutrition with Nutridiction
  • Unique health assessment
  • Personal dedicated dietitian
  • 12 easy personalised indian diet plan for 12 weeks
  • Weekly follow up from counsellor
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Free maintenance plan after completion of program
  • 24 weeks


    Super Nutrition with Nutridiction
  • Unique health assessment
  • Personal dedicated dietitian
  • 24 easy personalised indian diet plan for 24 weeks
  • Weekly follow up from counsellor
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Free maintenance plan after completion of program
  • How Diet Consultation Works:
    Your Roadmap to Success

    Whether you're looking to lose weight, manage a chronic condition, or simply lead a healthier lifestyle, our team will work with you


    Unique Health Assessment

    We understand your Health and Medical History taking into consideration all your medical records and Health Data.


    Diet Recall

    We take an insight into your current eating pattern, any specific food restrictions / preferences / allergies and overall view of how a typical day of eating looks like for you.


    Personalised Nutrition Plan

    Development Based on the information gathered during the assessment, our team of qualified professionals will create a personalised nutrition plan specifically designed to meet your individual requirements and goals.


    Comprehensive Guidance and Education

    Once your personalised nutrition plan is ready, we will guide you through its implementation, providing detailed explanations of the dietary recommendations and educating you on the science behind them.


    Ongoing Support and Monitoring

    We believe in the power of ongoing support and monitoring to help you stay on track and make necessary adjustments as you progress. Our team will be readily available to answer your questions, address concerns, and provide guidance throughout your journey.

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    Client Success Stories

    It has been 2 months since i came in contact with nutridiction. It has been an amazing experience. The diet they suggests is very practical, healthy and easy to follow. I have observed a lot of healthy changes in my life style. It has helped me to maintain a healthy regime for diet as well as exercise. I feel a lot more energetic as well as active nowadays. Thanks a lot nutridiction.

    Dolly arora


    Thanks to nutridiction and their Amazing diet charts i lost around 17 Kgs in a year. It made me more confident to participate in adventure sports and feel supremely fit. It's not about looking good alone, it's about what the journey of shaping your self and having control of it. Hands down nutridiction brings the best out of you and support you throughout your journey with immense motivation and encouragement while keeping you in touch with reality. Immensely grateful to them for life.

    Sonia mitra


    Its been a year i have been Associated with nutridiction. They have provided me the best of diet plan which has Helped me not only in Losing weight but gaining Confidence in myself.I Highly recommend them to everyone.

    Suruchi jhunjhunwala

    Teacher, sri sri academy kolkata

    I am pampa das a school Teacher. One year ago i was 70 kg weight but now i am 50 kg because of your diet plan. You helped me to reduce my weight. Now i am physically fit. I am so grateful to you.

    Pampa das

    Teacher, kolkata

    My journey with nutridiction has been amazing. My body hasn't felt this way ever. My diet chart was personalised keeping in mind every single details about me and it was really easy to follow too since most of the ingredients are easily available. Nutridiction has helped me achieve certain goals which i have been trying for quite some time. Also, the journey didn't stop after the consultancy, there were follow ups too, just to make sure that i was thorough with the plan and if i had any doubts. The dieticians made sure that the weight loss was healthy and all the medical issues were addressed. Kudos to both the nutritionist doing Great job here. I'm glad i came across.

    Sukriti agarwal

    Data scientist, mc, pune

    My wife and i visited for dietary counselling. My wife is sceloderma patient with ild but the ways nutridiction attended my wife was an amazing experience. They also counselled me for my tummy enlargement i really found them as a great dietitian and would really recommend them to people who need dietary counselling.

    Nadeem ahmed


    I lost 9.3 kg. If diet followed properly as guided by them, one can reduce weight in a healthy way. I feel light now. Thank you nutridiction.

    Arpit rungta

    photographer kolkata

    I am tanay saraf advocate from sb legal partners, a law firm at calcutta high court and nclt. I had the privilege of meeting dietitians from nutridiction through bni. Nutridiction not only offers diet consultancy but also provides a base for fitness training. I have been following the diet plan as Suggested by nutridiction for only a month Now. It is too soon to show weight loss. However, i do not feel lethargic as i have started avoiding junk food and replaced it with leafy options and dairy products. Tam very pleased with the short term results and am looking forward to achieving my long term goals in consultation with nutridiction. I shall recommend them to all my friends and acquaintances in the time to come.

    Tanay saraf

    advocate kolkata

    I have chosen the weight loss program of nutridiction. I wish to tell very happily that in two months i lost 4kgs. Thank you nutridiction for planning my diet and updating it as and when required. My other medical problems are also recovering because you planned the diet considering my healthy issues. Thank you Team nutridiction

    Kajal dhanuka

    interior designer, kolkata

    Thank you dt. Prerana solanki for wonderful weight loss journey. It is my pleasure that i got one of the best dietitian who helped me to achieve my target. The diet that i was having before was so normal but she retuned my diet plan in a balanced way. Now after taking diet plan according to her i came to know what is the difference while we are following diet from own and when under dietitian guidance. I will highly recommend if you are looking for a dietitian, she is the best one whom you can consult. Thanks again to dt. Prerana solanki.

    Ms. Saloni Vi


    Dt. Sonal dhanuka helped me manage my weight and health very effectively. She was always available to counsel me when i got my hunger pangs. Her recommendations are balanced, timely and very effective. I have lost 9kgs in 3 months time and i am very happy with the result. Thank you very much.

    Mr. Prateek Agarwal


    I consulted Ms. Prerana Solanki for my diet counselling and had a brilliant experience with her. The level of detail that went into understanding my health, my concerns, my likes and dislikes and then prescribed me diet as per that. None of this would have been possible without the dedicated effort of Ms. Prerana Solanki. Thanks.

    Ms. Simran Singh


    I had consulted Dt. Sonal Dhanuka for weight gain diet counselling. She explained things properly and patiently listened to the issue. She prescribed me a very good but simple diet which is easy to follow. Thank you ma'am.

    Ms. Padmaja M. Tripathy


    I had consulted Dt. Prerana Solanki for my diet counselling. Her advice fixed my acid reflux issue. She also helped my wife with her issue related to diet and nutritional requirement. Would recommend her to others too. Thank you.

    Mr. Srikant


    I had approached Dt. Sonal Dhanuka with a blood sugar level of 260 mg/dL and within 55 days of following the plan it came down to 148 mg/dL. The entire food regime was fantastic and I have really loved the diets you had given me and enjoyed the food. Thank you so much.

    Mr. Anirudh Kajaria


    Dietitian Prerana is perfect if you are concerned about weight loss treatment. Her given Prescription gives you very good result in very less time. I would suggest to connect with her immediately if you are really concerned about your weight.

    -Chanchal Saxena


    I had a really amazing and successful experience with Dt. Sonal, losing 6 kgs in 4 weeks. I had been struggling to lose weight and had tried multiple diets earlier. She was extremely friendly and approachable and helped me customise my diet in a way which was easily manageable with my work schedule. Her small tips and tricks made a huge difference and I started seeing results in 3 days. The best part she looks to provide holistic nutrition plan and lot of those elements are actually a part of my regular, healthier lifestyle

    Kamal Ganeriwala


    Dietitian Prerana is very meticulous and thoughtful when she designs the diet. She is very understanding of the requirements of ones body. Helped me reduce my weight substantially. Would recommend her without a second guess.

    Verified Patient


    Dietitian Sonal is good and helpful. She gave the best advice and treatment. And the diet chart which she shared that was too good.

    Ruchika Shrivastav


    Dietitian Prerana was very good. She is very polite. she has given me a diet chart to follow. I would recommend her to everyone.

    Soni Tejwani


    My jouney with Dt. Sonal and Nutridiction has been amazing. The diet chart provided to me was completely personalised keeping in mind all the minor health issues we had discussed. The diet chart provided was designed keeping in mind, my sleep schedule and working hours. Thank you Dt. Sonal

    Simran Drolia


    Dt Sonal was very prompt in replying and devised a diet plan which totally suits my medical condition. I'm totally satisfied with the recommendation and treatment.

    Vivek Singh


    Ms Prerana is extremely professional when it comes to diet consultation. Understands the issue and customises the diet as per requirement. I would highly recommend her.

    Inaaya Chowdhary


    Overall it was a nice experience. Will absolutely recommend Dt Sonal to all my friend and dear ones. Thank again Dietitian Sonal

    Ravi Vikram Singh


    D Prerana Ma'am has been wonderful in guiding me in the weight loss program of my mother who was overweight at 93kgs and following the diet chart her weight reduced by 5kgs within 45 to 50days. It has been really great in choosing her as our diet counsellor. Thankful and greatful to her always.

    Prathit Sharma


    1 consulted Dt. Sonal for a weight loss plan and with two months regime. In these two months, I l've managed to lose over 7kgs with a very doable and balanced diet plan. One of the best things about the diet plans prescribed by her was the sheer ease with which the meals blended with my regular diet habits. Keep up the good work.

    Sourav Sureka


    Dt Prerana is very knowledgeable and cleared all my doubts. Prescription is based on the issues I am facing and she understood my problems very well.

    Nitin Gandhi


    Dt. Prerana Solanki, thanks for the guidance. It helped me a lot. Detox worked like miracle. Reduced my acne issue and stomach issue.

    Verified Practo, Patient


    Dt. Sonal Sureka believes in curing diseases with foods rather than medicines. Although I took one month diet chart but I get positive changes in my body. I have lost 1.5kg in just one month. Will highly recommend to everyone those who wants to loose weight without starving themselves.

    Verified Practo Patient


    Thank you Dt. Prerana Solanki for wonderful weight loss journey, it is my pleasure that I got one of the best dietitian who help me out to achieve my target. She made a well balanced diet plan. I will highly recommend her if you are looking for a dietitian. She is the best one whom you can consult.

    Verified Practo Patient


    Practo appointed her to see my case. Dt. Sonal is very good and polite and understood my problem and sent me diet plan according to it. Very well satisfied.

    Ajmal Hasan


    Dt. Prerana Solanki is proachable dietitian who listens to your issues and thereby suggest an intervention. Highly recommended.

    Roshna Gaimer


    Dt. Sonal Sureka listened to all my problems and questions first and then provided a good diet plan. I recommend her to everyone.



    Dt. Prerana is a friendly nutritionist, during my whole consultation she quickly provides meaningful suggestions and I have been following her diet and recovering and getting better from a dic bulge condition. She suggested minimal supplements that are working for me.

    Shubham Gupta


    I consulted Dt. Sonal for my 11 yrs old son's weight loss program. She is very friendly. She has given a very easy to follow diet chart which is helping my son a lot. I'm very happy.

    Meru Agarwal

    SNN Estates

    It was very impressive the first and second meeting with Dt. Prerana Solanki. She treated me very well and I am fine now. She describes the diet chart beautifully and clearly. Her Behaviour is amicable and as a person she is friendly.

    Verified Patient


    Excellent treatment by Dt. Sonal Sureka. She explained everything very well, was very patient and ready to listen to everything and she especially curated an effective diet plan for me.

    Raghav Gupta


    1 consulted Dt.Prerana for diet and nutrition counselling. And also for PCOD, she took time to ask questions and I am very happy with the overall experience.

    Verified Patient


    Ver nice Experience, Dt. Prerana listened my problem very calmly then prepared my prescription after sometime. Very good experience. Will definitely recommend her.

    Amit Singh


    Follow Our Recipes to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

    Fuel your body with balanced meals! From nutrient-packed salads to protein-rich stir-fries, find tasty, nutritious dishes to support your health and wellness goals.

    Chilled Mushrooms, Capsicum and Fruity Chick Peas Salad

    Ingredients: Onions, thinly sliced; Capsicum, thinly sliced; Mushrooms, thinly sliced; Oil; Zeera(cumin seeds); Skimmed milk powder

    Whole Wheat Pasta in Arrabbiata Sauce and Vegetable Vermicelli

    Ingredients: 1 cup quinoa; 3 cups water; 1 pinch salt; 3 tablespoons olive oil; 3 cloves garlic, minced; 1 red bell pepper, chopped

    Tomato and Carrot Soup, Grilled Veggies Sandwich

    Ingredients: Onion Sliced 1 Medium Sized Garlic Crushed 4 Cloves Carrots Chopped 2 Medium Sized Tomatoes Chopped 8 Medium Sized